Be a Sales Super Hero.

Master your Sales Procees. Win more deals !


Battling Alone ! Get powered.

As a startup founder you have hundreds of things to do, and its easy to miss on important meetings, just like that.

Don't miss that important meeting, again.

  • Keep everyday schedule ready.
  • Make follow-ups & updates on-the-go.
  • Automatic report generation, emailed to you.
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Everything on your shoulder ! No Problem.

As a leader of a growing business, while looking for the ambitious future, you do not want to lose the control over your team, and current work.

Let automation help you organize everything.

  • All your sales insights at one place.
  • Know your marketing costs upright.
  • Stay focused on your Top Deals.
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You are a Go-Getter ! Stay Updated.

You are the the best performer, and want all your team to keep up the pace with you.

Empower your team to knock down your competitors.

  • Check who is falling behind and why.
  • Real time performance updates.
  • Sales predictions to help making future decision.
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Everday Reminders : on-the-go.

  • ProfitX is a better alternative to Excel,CRM software & Lead management system.
  • ProfitX is for smart business owner who are interested to convert more sales without messing up with sales follow-up
  • ProfitX is a simple & easy way to manage your sales followups & sales team.
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Fed up with Insecure Excel & Bulky CRM’s ?

Profitx is simple solution for all your sales problems. It is the best alternative for a Diary, Excel, CRMs & lead management.


Stop using Diary & Stick Notes

It is easy way to write your followups & meeting in diary but You are risking with your business.

  • No auto followups reminders.
  • Difficult to remember multiple clients details.
  • No tracking & monitoring.
  • Clients data & sales data are scattered
  • Increase manual work.
  • If Diary is lost no way to recover data.
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Excel Sucks? Yes, We Agree !

Excel has many disadvantage to your business.

  • Vulnerable to fraud.
  • Human Errors.
  • Very Unreliable.
  • No real time access.
  • Need training to use it.
  • Ugly & Boring.
  • Not user friendly.
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Too much Messy for the Job!

As you know Crm’s & lead management systems are heavy & bulky. They are too technical.

Here is why you want to get away from it now.

  • Too much complecated.
  • Needs high-speed internet & computers.
  • Time-consuming and Costs high compared to the output.
  • Your team does not want to waste time on learning it.
  • You end-up in frustation soon.
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Profitx is your Smart Choice To Win More Sales.

6 Ways To Increase Your Sales

Here are 6 unmatched powers you get, to score more sales using ProfitX

All your deals at one place.

You get leads from various channels, having them all at place saves your time to look for the information while talking to client.

Details on your fingertips.

All your discussions with the client about the deals are on your fingertips, so you get the reference anytime you want.

Access Anywhere, Anytime.

Web based data means you can access it from anywhere, anytime. On any mobile/pc/laptop or tablet.

Daily Followup List

Every morning, get an automated follow-up list for the day in your inbox.

Real time update of team

See your sales team's follow-up activities in real time, from anywhere.

Automated Sales Report

Forget time consuming excel reports. Get automated DSR in your email, at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you got any query? Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions.

Do I need to download anything?
ProfitX is a web based follow-up tool, which means you do not have to download anything.
Simply click on the login link, enter your username and password, and start using.
Do I have to pay additional for my team?
No. We understand that growth comes at a cost and already you are investing a lot in your team.
So we do not want to put additional burden on you. It comes with Unlimited Marketers included in it.
Do you offer customization?
Sorry. It is a Software As A Service product, so we do not offer any customization.
However, because we learn from so many users about their experience, we are in better position to put things that are most important for growing your sales.
Do you have an Android or iOS App?
We understand that it may be more convenient to use an APP instead of a browser for some, so we are already working on it.
We are expecting to launch the native apps soon.

The Rule of 80:20

The rule of 80:20 says, that

your Top 20% deals bring you 80% of the revenue.

See your TOP BIG DEALS in one single view.

Stay Focused. Sell More.

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

Investing into ProfitX is your best decision considering the time and efforts you save in your sales process, and close the deals faster.

5,000/ Year

  • Single User
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Inquiries
  • Unlimited Reports

15,000/ Year

  • 10 Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Inquiries
  • Unlimited Reports